BORA 2-pc Track Clamp pair - BOR542011

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BORA 2-pc Track Clamp pair - BHBOR542011

The WTX Track Clamp allows you to see — and use — your WTX or NGX Clamp EdgeTM saw guide from a whole new angle.

It used to be that you could only cut 90 angles with the Bora Clamp EdgeTM. Now you can make any angle you want, thanks to the Track Clamp. Cutting a 35 angle? Go for it. A 67 angle? Easy. Even a 83.75 angle? If you really want to, the Track Clamp makes it possible.


  • Fits into WTX and NGX Clamp EdgeTM to make it a more versatile system
  • Makes any angle fast, easy, and accurate
  • Helps quickly process panel material
  • Easy to adjust and use with fast-acting lock nut
  • Slides into both top and bottom of track for multipurpose functionality
  • Use as a work stop, increase your holding power, or turn your clamp into a vise
  • Holds tight with non-marring rubber grips