BORA Saw Guide Plate (WTX/NGX) - BOR544006

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BORA Saw Plate - BOR544006

Use with your circular saw to cut with unmatched precision. Convenient - your saw can still be used for free hand cutting with the plate attached. Easy to use, yet extremely secure, with three points of connection to saws. The adjustable channel ensures it fits a wide variety straight edges (up to 3 1/2" wide). Keeps your saw straight and true while cutting, without wobble or binding. Fits right and left handed circular saws. Measures 8" x 14" x 7/8" Sled measures 8" x 14" x 7/8" Clamps to circular saws for track saw like precision.

BORA have put a lot of thought into what makes a great Saw Plate, and the result is the Bora 542006 WTX. This Saw Plate (aka Saw Sled or Circular Saw Guide) is sturdy, easy to use, stable, and safe. With three different connecting points to your circular saw, it’s rock solid, staying straight and true, and allows you to cut with precision and confidence (which is always important at several thousand RPM). The best part is its versatility. It can be used with our WTX Clamp Edge™ (and along with the Bora Rip Guide 542007), but if you already have another manufacturer’s clamp guide / straight edge, the adjustable channel will ensure a perfect fit (up to 3 ½ inches, in fact). You can also use it on any circular saw – right or left handed. This makes the WTX Saw Plate a must-have for DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers, carpenters, contractors, or anyone else who desires straight, true cuts on plywood or other sheet material.