BORA Router Jig - BOR542005

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The Bora Router Guide helps you quickly and easily produce super straight Dado, Rabbets, and Mortises. It works with all sizes of the Bora WTX Clamp Edge Saw Guides, fits just about any router, and is easy to attach and handle. Best of all, it produces the results you want. The Router Dado Guide has plenty of features that make it very versatile. You can adjust for bit size, and board size/thickness as well, ensuring that pieces that have a thickness which are slightly smaller than standard sizes can fit tightly. In other words, your ¾” board that’s not quite a true ¾” will be loose with a Dado cut with a standard ¾” bit. But you can adjust the cut with our Dado guide for a perfect, snug cut every time. The Bora Router Dado Guide comes with a 1” brass bushing for easy mounting, and also has that Bora quality that woodworkers worldwide have come to appreciate. Make your workshop even more versatile with this exceptional router dado guide.