BORA Jigsaw Guide - BOR542009

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For years, woodworkers have asked us for a jigsaw guide that would work with our Clamp Edge. So Bora Tool has responded with this exceptional Jigsaw Guide. It’s designed to seamlessly work with your Bora Clamp Edge – in fact, it cleverly fits into the side groove of the Clamp Edge, allowing it to slide along while the saw remains straight and stable to the side. The minute you open this and set it up, your first thought will be “how clever”. There’s an elegant simplicity in the design – there’s one adjustable plate that locks down with a simple screw handle, which allows it to accommodate nearly any size jigsaw. It’s also very unobtrusive, allowing your saw to rest easy and snugly, without clamping the saw itself. These features allow for a quick-change in moving from one type of cut to another – cut a straight line, then simply pick up the saw, remove the Clamp Edge from your material, and immediately cut freehand. You’ll love it! And like everything Bora makes, the quality and design are unbeatable.

MADE FOR JIGSAWS – This Jigsaw Guide is specifically designed to fit most jigsaws.

EASY TO USE – The jigsaw guide attaches easily to the Bora WTX Clamp Edge™ Saw Guide, and your jigsaw seamlessly fits into it, allowing for precise, straight cuts.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE – The sliding side points and locking screw allow it to accommodate almost any size jigsaw. Adjustable pointer guide keeps your cuts true.